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Mary Lee Mattison Children’s Books

You Be the Artist

Click Above Image for PDF of
'You Be the Artist'


This vividly illustrated, engaging book for creative kids, teaches a lonely, bored child how to wander off into the impossible and magical world of Make-Believe without ever leaving her house, or even her chair. Using just her Imagination, and a little humorous demonstration from the author, ordinary crayons and paper becomes the KEY to anywhere, anyplace and anything she can picture. She becomes a tornado, rides a sea serpent’s tail, turns her chair into liquorice and makes it rain music! Drawing is all about fun. The pictures don’t have to look real. Anyone can do it. In Art you just can’t make mistakes!


About The Art Fairy

New England Artist,
Mary Lee Mattison
has been entertaining children
for decades

Kids love her outrageous
sense of humor,
original illustrations
and wild imagination.