You be the Artist

A vividly illustrated, entertaining, occasionally silly book for kids. The story teaches a bored child how to escape into the magical realm of imagination  where she can do and be anything…without ever leaving her house or even her chair~

You be the Artist Mary Lee Mattison RGB
(Book opens with free Adobe Reader.)

Using just crayons and paper and however you feel anywhere, anyplace anything can be real. Written and illustrated by Mary Lee Mattison.
YBTA_book_packThe You be the Artist
book pack contains a full color story book, an identical line art coloring book and a pack of Crayola Crayons so you can color in the story book

Gigi’s Train to Heaven

In the last few months of my mother’s life (She died of Alzheimer’s disease in 2008) she had very lucid moments. Crystalline almost. One was a memory of being a small girl, lying on her back in a field of clover next to her Border Collie Mars, watching the clouds above. Another was a reoccurring dream. She described it as trying to climb on board a train in the station. Every time she made it up the metal steps and into the railroad car a woman, in a yellow dress, would tell her to get off the train. She was very emotional when she talked about it. I was telling my daughter Melanie about it one evening as Tessa was drawing at the table. Half an hour later Tessa who was four, gave me this picture to give to G.G. (Her Great Grandmother) Problem solved!

This is G.G. with a huge smile, in purple (her favorite color) walking through a rainbow followed by her dog Mars, successfully, climbing onto a train being driven by Tessa, who also has a huge smile. I even think Mars is smiling. Tessa has indicated the climbing motion at G.G’s feet. The train’s headlight shines on Angels. G.G. wanted it hung on the wall where she could look at it from her pillow. I know that’s where she went when she died. Sweet Tessa had cleared the way.

Dragons vs Dinosaur Bones?

Uffington Dragon
This Bronze Age, 374 feet (110 m) long, 3000 year old, man-made, prehistoric Hill Figure Figure is located in Uffington England. The figure is deeply carved onto the hillside and packed with white chalk. Traditionally the figure was religiously ‘scoured’ every 7 years by the local community removing all weeds and encroaching vegetation thereby maintaining its pristine silhouette for three eons.
(According to: ” the Uffington creature whose existence is first recorded in the cartulary of Abingdon Abbey, dating from King Henry II’s reign. There is a reference to land near ‘White Horse Hill’ which had been inherited by one Godric Cild in 1070s. In the 1180s, Ralf de Deceto wrote a tract proclaiming the horse “and its foal” to be the 5th wonder of Britain! And in later works it was promoted to 2nd place, only being narrowly beaten by Stonehenge. No further mention of the figure is made until a passing reference by Camden in 1586. Thomas Baskerville’s Travel Journal of 1677 was the first to record that the horse was kept in good repair by the locals. Whilst, by 1813, drawings had begun to appear showing a creature not dissimilar to that we see today.”
Above the figure are the remains of the Iron Age Hill Fort – Uffington Castle and several bronze-Age monuments. The nearby Dragon Hill, suggested as some sort of Iron Age ritual site associated with the nearby hill-figure, proclaims to be the actual spot where 
Saint George Slew the Dragon. Although referred to as a Horse… With those fangs, reptilian tail and suggested crouching posture, upon the back legs, I can only see a Dragon. “Dragon?” You say Mary? Well, yeah. Dinosaur bones where not identified as an extinct, terrestrial species until 1664. Before then all gigantic fossil bones were attributed to Giants or those Mythical, reptilian creatures were called Dragons. Dragon bones were discovered as early as 3000 BC in China. In fact, Dragons have a 5,000 year longer written and oral ‘History’ than dinosaurs. Who Knew?